Commuter/Out of Area Transfer Program

The COOA Transfer program aims to support the successful academic transition of transfer students who are commuting to the University of California, Irvine and or are coming from outside the southern California area.  Housed under UCI’s Transfer Student Center Hub, this program was formed to aid COOA students engage, enhance, and maximize their academic transition to university life and completion of their bachelor’s degree.



COOA at the University of California, Irvine strives to provide support to students commuting to campus and who may be further affected by the culture shock of coming from outside of the southern California region.  This program aims to create a network that enhances the academic success and student engagement of commuters and out of area students at UCI.  Students in this program are given an opportunity and support to advocate for their needs as well as a transfer counselor, which they meet with every quarter.


To enhance the academic success for commuters and out of area students at UCI




As a COOA transfer student, we understand that there are varying needs that can affect the academic success of a student who must spend extensive amount of time commuting while balancing the new demands of a four year university.  Therefore, COOA transfer program participants are assigned a transfer counselor that supports their academic success and successful transition into the university.





Ruth Quintana

Peer Educator

Major/Minor: Psychology and Social Behavior

Transferred from: Santa Ana College

Involvement: ACCESS Social Ecology Program, Tau Sigma Honor Society, Santa Ana Scholars, TRIO Scholars Program, Transfer Prep, Mesa Unida, Hardiness Research Lab

Hobbies: Community service, photography, event planning, and gardening

Future Plans: Earn a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology

Ask me About: My transition process of being an older student who is first generation, a full-time employee and parent, time management strategies, study skills, creating action plans, goal setting, and living by faith


Rocio Zamudio

Transfer Student Center Coordinator

PH: (949)824-7052


Rocio transferred from Santa Ana College to California State University, Fullerton where she earned a B.A. in Sociology. Additionally, she was awarded an M.S. in Counseling from California State University, Long Beach (Go Beach!) where she completed a thesis on Latinas in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) who have persisted through community college and 4-year universities.  Her research and experience working with transfer students at Santa Ana College has ignited her passion for working with first-generation, low-income, and non-traditionally aged students who have overcome a variety of obstacles to reach their academic goals.  Her commitment to student success has inspired her to pursue a doctorate in the near future in order to change the institutional barriers faced by these students.

Kevin Huie

Director of Student Transition Services

PH: (949)824-9310


Kevin M. Huie is a seasoned teacher, trainer, speaker, facilitator, advocate, activist, consultant, counselor and administrator.  A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Kevin has been mentoring, coaching, and advising students throughout his 20 year career in higher education focusing specifically on their academic achievement, personal development, leadership potential, and overall sense of cultural well-being.  He also has provided numerous trainings for academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and thriving businesses.  Kevin has a Masters’ degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and Multicultural Counseling from Loyola University Chicago, an Executive Leadership Management Certificate from Rockhurst University, is a certified Diversity Trainer and Mediator, and has a Certificate in Strengths-Based Leadership from the Gallup Organization.

Kevin has a strong passion for contributing to the holistic, transformative development of each and every student and organization with whom he works.  He has previously worked for both of his alma maters, the University of Notre Dame and Loyola University Chicago, serving as an Assistant Director and Director respectively within the schools’ Student Affairs’ Divisions.  More recently, Kevin served as the Executive Director of the Cross-Cultural Center at UCI where he specialized in the development and execution of premier leadership and diversity programs, and provided strategic direction for the Dean of Students and the Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs on campus issues and diversity related matters.  Kevin has also taught extensively at the university level, contributing as a lecturer in the Department of Education and the School of Humanities at UCI, the School of Education at Loyola, and the Department of Psychology at Notre Dame.  As the director of Student Transition Services, he oversees all programs within Student Support Services.  Kevin works closely with Eileen to ensure the success of former foster youth attending UCI.