Student Appointments

Appointments are available to current transfer students attending UCI. The Transfer Student Center offers 30-minute appointments on the following topics:

  • Adjusting to UCI: Learn valuable TSC and UCI resources to help you adjust to your new academic environment. Students who are outside of the Orange County area may find this appointment especially helpful to learn about community resources as well.
  • Prioritization: Oftentimes there are academic assignments and other personal events that conflict and you are stuck figuring out which one to prioritize. Learn ways to prioritize your time and attention to avoid feeling spread too thin.
  • Time Management: Adjusting from the semester system to the quarter system can be tough. Learn effective methods to manage your time in this fast-paced environment.
  • Goal Setting: During this appointment, you will develop a goal and strategize methods with how the different UCI programs can help you achieve said goal.
  • Connecting to Faculty: Learn effective methods to connect with your faculty member during their office hours.
  • Exploring Graduate School: If you are interested in expanding your education beyond a bachelor's degree come to talk to us about graduate studies and let us help you develop a timeline.

If you are a current transfer student attending UCI and are interested in one of the topics above then schedule your appointment by clicking here:  All appointments will be hosted via Zoom with your UCI email.